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St Paul's Anglican Church, Vancouver, 1130 Jervis St, BC V6E 2C7, Canada


Looking for a class that's GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN & YOUR BODY?

Want to expand your singing skill set AND learn foundational yoga/ pilates technique (stretch & strength) to prepare your instrument (your body) for singing?

Yoga-sing is for the curious, the creative, & the adventurous! For those who want to experience human harmonic vibration amplified by the beautiful acoustics of The Labyrinth Room. 

It's for those who LOVE to sing and those who always wanted to try. it's for anyone in search of an authentic intimate experience through singing with other open hearted Vancouver folk.

Expect 45 minutes of Yin style yoga followed by 45 minutes of singing, including breath work and vocal skill building exercises.

We slow down, connect, listen internally, relax, & then reach out and connect with one another to co-create an experience of Joy.

Some people say... "But I can't sing!" or "No one wants to hear me sing!" 
I have been teaching voice for 25 years and I've seen it all! AS an authority on the subject I am telling you..., If you can talk you can sing, And this isn't something I "believe", it is something I "know". 

Likewise, if you can sit in a chair you can do yoga. The word Yoga means "union of body, mind & spirit". REAL yoga is just that. It has nothing to do with acrobatics. Come as you are and work with what you've got. Every single posture in yoga has multiple variations and can be adapted to and supported by a chair.

So much of what we do in singing AND yoga is known as "SUBTLE BODY ENERGY AWARENESS" work. I will gently guide students of all abilities to explore their internal world in the company of the members of the class. The meditative movement of yoga helps to calm the nervous system allowing participants to deeply relax and open up their body (the body is the singer's instrument).

Whether talking about yoga or singing, the focus of the class is on developing good or "proper" technique. Guided by your internal experience over time you will notice healthy habits developing and personal skills evolving.

I carefully select INSPIRING SONGS in a variety of styles to "study". No matter what the genre, the songs are always deeply moving, uplifting, joyful, and good vehicles for learning harmonize how to and improvise. No one is ever put on the spot to do anything they are not comfortable doing. Whether singing or doing yoga, everyone is encouraged to "go with their own flow". We all learn at our own pace one step at a time, 

In total there are 3 X 6 week sessions. Each session will offer different songs, different yoga tips and different experiences. The program is designed to work for students who want to experience new things over the course of the entire year, as well as for students who can only come to one session. 

NEWBIES are welcome to come to the first class of each series only., because each series is progressive. 

YOGA-SING ALUMNI who have taken several series already, and are familiar with how the class runs are welcome to drop in whenever it works for them (understanding that I cannot repeat instructions from previous weeks to bring you up to speed). Yoga-sing Alumni can also buy a 5 card drop in pass for $120.

Because each series is only 6 weeks long we have to spread all the cool things we do over the course of a year. We will walk the Labyrinth as we chant healing songs & mantras, we will sing songs and chants from diverse cultures including kirtan (call and response), popular music from western culture as well as South African songs including dance and drumming. We will learn simple chord progressions and scale patterns which will lead us to improvising. Each series will incorporate personal exploration, so feel free to ask questions and let me know what your most desired outcomes are!

There is only room for 20 participants each series, so advanced registration is recommended.

The Regular 6 week Series rate works out to $22/class, ($20/class if you register as an Early Bird 4 weeks before Series start date.)

A maximum of 8 "Yearly Passes" are available (24 classes @ $16/class). Check website for dates. Note: even if you have to miss 5 of the 24 classes, you are saving money with the Yearly Pass).

If you want to drop in to "try before you buy", DROP IN is $27. If you decide to register for the session after, 100% of your drop in fee will be applied to your session fee.

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