ROMP T-Dance: Mission on TittiKawka Island - Up Your Alley Closing Party

2024-07-28 18:00:00 In : 13 day(s) 2024-07-29 02:00:00 In : 13 day(s)

1015 Folsom, San Francisco, 1015 Folsom St, CA 94103, United States


Brian Kent Productions + Paradigm in association with Folsom Street invite you to…
ROMP T-Dance: Mission on TittiKawka Island - Up Your Alley Closing Party
Get ready to ROMP with James Bondage over Dore Alley Weekend on his mission to the seductive shores of TittiKawka Island. Set against the salacious backdrop, Bondage teams up with the rumpalicious Bussy Galore to tackle the mischievous machinations of the island's villainous vixens. But hold on to your stash, because things get shaken, not stirred, when Bondage crosses paths with the bodacious Titzy Normous, whose curves could stop a double-decker bus in its tracks! Watch out for Krystal Katastrophie, the femme fatale with a penchant for chaos, who's glitter bombs stir up trouble hotter than a confetti volcano. As Bondage juggles saving TittiKawka, wooing Titzy, and outwitting Krystal Katastrophie, the island heats up with more than just tropical temperatures. But beware the Them-Bot with their electric energy pulsating through the island’s underground that will put any violet wand to shame.
Can Bondage thwart his enemies and embrace his kinks on the island of seduction and intrigue before time runs out? There’s only one way to find out—be a part of the action at 1015 Folsom on Dore Sunday, July 28th, where espionage meets ecstasy on the dance floor with a pulse-pounding 7-hour epic score by resident DJ/producer Russ Rich.
Tickets on sale now. ROMP benefits Folsom Street and Grass Roots Gay Rights Foundation.
ROMP Hosts:
Andrew Dombos, Andrew Roseman, Brad Saget, Brian Abascal, David Wichman, Dede Lee & LD Childress, Emu Salazar, Evan J-Sun, Frank Ladra, Jaime Vasquez, Justin Parchman, Ken Wells, Kyle Pickett, Mark Adcock, Mark Weston, Mickey Cogliandro, Mike Castro, Nate Webb, Noah Breyer, Steven Satyricon, Stuart Goldstein, Todd Mordick & Ranjeev Singh, Tomi Tea, William Turner
Sponsored by Mr. S Leather and MISTR.
All sales final. No refunds. 21+ only with valid photo ID. 



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