Rave: Aurora Halal, Bruce and Halal & Relaxer (live)

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Nowadays, New York, 56-06 Cooper Ave, New York 11385, United States


Every Saturday, we fire up the strobe lights, set the smoke machines to eleven and bang the box until the bodegas open. Techno, electro, psycho — whatever. If you like it hard, you’ll probably love it here.

A rotating cast of resident DJs set the tone for our raves, usually in the company of a guest they've invited to share the decks, but sometimes all night, just by themselves. Some details below on how it's shaping up this time.


Nowadays resident Aurora Halal is back for another night of trippy techno, this time with help from UK producer Bruce, plus a set from her own collaborative live project, Halal & Relaxer.

Aurora is the person behind the Sustain-Release gathering and the Mutual Dreaming party and label. She's also a spellbinding DJ and producer who's circled the globe serving up dark, psychedelic techno. For this edition of our Saturday night series, she'll serve vibes from behind the turntables, as well as live alongside Lovers Rock Recordings honcho Daniel Martin-McCormick, aka Relaxer.

Bruce is a Bristol-born producer and cohort of Hessle Audio and Timedance, which goes a long way toward explaining his forward-thinking approach to techno. His specialty is engrossing, constantly evolving tunes that'll lure you onto the floor — and then pull the rug out from under you. Try to keep your footing. Or don't, it's all part of the fun.


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