Open Mic Night! 18+

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Ruby Deluxe, Raleigh, 415 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601, États-Unis, United States


Come experience a safe place to showcase your talent and/or get some practice performing in front of others. Performances are open to music, poetry, prose, comedy, spoken word, storytelling, theatre, movement, etc. that fit within the parameters of our available time and space.

We will have 2 mics and 2 direct inputs available. No backlined instruments. Please try and keep your performance 10 minutes or less.

These agreements are for performers and also audience members. This open mic exists to support and uplift marginalized folks. People who identify as women, transgender, queer, or LGBT are encouraged to step to the front. This space is for you. Allies, you are still welcome to perform, but please remember that you are not an ally just because you say you are, and you are definitely not an ally if you can not exist in this space following these agreements:

NO HATEFUL OR OPPRESSIVE CONTENT: Your performance should never include any content that is transphobic, homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist, etc. If you break this agreement the microphone will be turned off during your performance and you will be asked to exit the stage area without further comment.

RESPECT GENDER PRONOUNS: You are encouraged to introduce yourself with your gender pronouns in this space! Respect the pronouns of others as you would like yours respected. If you have not been told someone’s pronouns, please use neutral pronouns or just the person’s name. Again, asking and sharing pronouns is encouraged. If you misgender someone correct yourself and move on.




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