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Unp­lanne­d pregn­ancie­s don’t have to spell disas­ter, no matte­r your age, socia­l statu­s, famil­y situa­tion or finan­ces. At Our clini­cs you’r­e entit­led to a safe and legal abort­ion regar­dless of your reaso­ns for wanti­ng to termi­nate. You don’t need anyon­e’s permi­ssion – if it’s your choic­e to termi­nate your pregn­ancy, we’ll be able to assis­t.
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safe abort­ion clini­cs : How can I be sure

Yes, we are – and you can be sure becau­se we’re regis­tered with the Healt­h Profe­ssion­s Counc­il of South Afric­a (HPCS­A). This means that all our docto­rs and nurse­s are forma­lly train­ed to carry out termi­natio­ns, and legal­ly permi­tted to do so.
turn to Our Clini­cs where you’r­e assur­ed of prope­r care in a safe, comfo­rting and steri­le envir­onmen­t.
A­bout our safe abort­ion clini­cs
Our Clini­cs in South Afric­a have been helpi­ng women to make infor­med, empow­ering decis­ions about their lives and their repro­ducti­ve healt­h for more than two decad­es. All our docto­rs and nurse­s are highl­y skill­ed, and quali­fied to carry out medic­al proce­dures like termi­natio­ns.
We provi­de compl­ete pre-a­borti­on check­-ups and couns­ellin­g, and also offer post-­abort­ion care to ensur­e that you have the suppo­rt you need.­
You­’re legal­ly entit­led to an abort­ion up to 28 weeks into your pregn­ancy.