Los Angeles Leather Pride 2022 (DARK ANGEL)

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Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, United States


Los Angeles, CA | March 20-27, 2022 | Mark Your Calendars! Los Angeles Leather Pride 2022 DARK ANGEL! Info coming soon at LALEATHERPRIDE.COM 

It gives us great pleasure to introduce this year’s theme of Los Angeles Leather Pride 2022, Dark Angel. The reason we chose this theme is because Los Angeles is the City of Angels. Angels, according to varying religions and mythologies, are winged supernatural beings that act as guides, warriors, messengers, healers and protectors of humanity. These spirits are often considered beings of light.

Then, there are the angels that are considered the fallen. Vilified by some and loved by others, these are the rebellious spirits that guide human beings into temptation and introduce them into the dark and “forbidden” aspects of humanity like sex. Thus, they became known as Dark Angels.

We all have figurative angels in our lives that give us what we need to help us through the journey of life. These people help us along our path in order to face life’s challenges and overcome obstacles. What is wonderful about the LA Leather Community is that we have “Dark Angels” among us that allow us to explore the dark and hidden parts of ourselves. These dark parts of us are our kinks and fetishes that we often don’t allow others to see for fear of being shamed or judged. The Dark Angels in our community guide us into learning about who we are and who we want to become, for it is in our darkness that we find our light.




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