Gay Capitals of Italy Tour: Rome, Florence, Naples

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Rome, Rome, Rome,IT, Italy


Join Italy Gay Travels on an amazing Tour of the Italian Gay Capitals: Rome, Florence and Naples. Yes, take in all the key sights in one tour. You too can now join the unification on the Gay Capitals exclusive tour! Start your journey from Rome, the most recent Capital of Italy. Find your inner gladiator and see for yourself why everyone falls in love with the Eternal City. Classical architecture, Imperial heritage and not to mention world known cuisine await you on this Gay Capitals Tour. Our Guided Tour of the Vatican Museums also gives insight into the untold gay history of one of the best known museums of the world. Next it is off to Florence, the second Capital of Italy (1865-1871). Immerse yourself in the Baroque soul of the world that is of course, Florence. Guided tours and sunset views on ‘Ponte Vecchio’ are but a few of the tantalizing surprises on this Gay Capitals Tour. Finally Naples, the World Capital of Pizza…. Need we say more?!
You will also meet like-minded gay men from all over the world on this all gay Tour. The Gay Capitals of Italy tour allows you to discover the lifestyles of the most fascinating gay hotspots in Italy. Don’t delay, book now as all roads lead to Rome but spaces are limited!

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