Fascination First Fridays 3/1/19

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Jacques Underground, Boston, 79 Broadway, 02116, United States


First Fridays
GEAR/ K!NK/ FET!$H Party Inspired by the work of John Rechy
Jacques Underground
$10 at the door

We are at it again this Friday in the underground. We are through the worst of winter but we will still need your (yes YOU!) body heat to get us through the final stretch. Come grab a cheap drink with even cheaper company and heat up the basement with us this Friday! See you kinksters soon. Woof.

As always, we have no Dress Code so please come in whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. Fet!$h gear and creativity are both strongly encouraged. (le@ther, Püp Pl@y, rübber, Sports Gear, ßD$M Gear, Levis, B00ts, M@sks) Feel free to change at the club, we always have a clothing check available. Jacques is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

FASCINATION is a monthly gear/ fet!$h/ k!nk night at Jacques Cabaret from 9-12 every 1st Friday and every 4th Friday of the month. DJ Colby Drasher is our resident DJ and spins techno, tech/deep house, electronica and other dark and sexy grooves. The night also features visual projections by Michael Flowers highlighting both original footage as well as scenes from vintage k!nk cinema. We often host guest demos led by local members of the Boston le@ther, rübber, and ßD$M community for folks looking to learn from each other about k!nk they are curious about. Although the event is le@ther inspired, we are looking to bring together a diverse and gender inclusive cross section of boston fet!$h culture (rübber, sports gear, b0nd@ge, $&/V\, pup play) by creating a space for folks in the community to meet up.

ALWAYS receive clear and expl!cit c0nsent before t0uch!ng another person. When in doubt, ask. If anyone is making you üncomfort@ble at the event, please approach a staff member if you need support or assistance. D!srespectful patrons will be asked to leave.

J0ck $tr@p$ are still totally cool but if you wear one (or anything that exposes your a$$), the bar has just asked that we toss a bandana or shirt in the back down the center to cover the "cleft".

FASCINATION is a sęx and k!nk p0sitive organization. We encourage you to explore, embrace and share your sęxü@l!ty (specifically your interest in fet!$h) with the fellow k!nk$ters you meet at our events. Fascination w@nts y0ur sęx. HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT F*©K, S*©K OR J3®K 0FF WHILE ON BAR PROPERTY. We love your ©0©k. We love your h0lę. Jacques also likes their liquor license. Please keep them concealed while you are here. We dig you sęxy f*©Kę®$ and do not want the Bar to ask anyone to leave. For additional information on the official city policies regarding this matter, please visit:

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