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Djinn || jinn || genie Invocation ||Jinn summoning-binding Spell || Djinn formulas || Gennie Rituals 

Djinn/Jinn Are Made Of Smokeless Fire.Djinn have  five types or classes according to their power

The Most Powerful Are the "Marids" and the  Weakest Are "Jann"

As a beginner you should start with lower class of djinn like "jann" as they are easy to control & quick to communicate

The More Powerful The Djinn Will Be, More Time And Effort Will Be Needed To Control & communicate....


Djinn powers grows as they grow older & expert in different types of magic...

Djinns Are Experts In Different Types Of Magic Like White Magic, Black Magic, and Grey Magic Etc

Djinn Can Very Easily Twist Your Wishes, so be careful when you wish for some thing...

Djinn can bring treasures from beneath the earth for their Master..

Djinn can transport you any part of the world with blink of an eye..

You want to be invisible from others  ..... command your djinn & he will make you invisible from every one!

Do you have enemies which are constantly making your life miserable,  just command your djiin .....they will be TAKEN CARE OF!

You want to find the lost one , just command your djinn & he will tell you the where about of the person...

Your djinn can give you the correct winning lottery numbers...  

Djinn will protect you from enemies ..... He will create a protective shield around you against all kind of black magic, hex, Curse & any physical harm!

Your enemies will be defeated &  humiliated...All their efforts to harm you will be turn back to them!

Treat your djinn with respect, love  dignity & he will make you most powerful person on the universe

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