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The Bean, Chicago, 1 N Michigan Ave, 60602, United States


Sometime in late October of 2017, memes about "The Bean" began to appear as events on Within just a couple of days, counter signaling memes indicating a disinterest in memes about "The Bean" began to appear as well. And within a day of that, an obfuscated heirarchy of nested levels of disinterest in memes concerning "The Bean" began to appear as Facebook events with intentionally unintelligble levels of meta awareness. Eventually this resulted in a collapse of meaning itself and the geometry and structure of space-time around the aforementioned public art piece colloquially known as "The Bean" which therefore forever never was and forever shall have even been.This event will be held in rememberance a decade hence from the total collapse of the meme into infinitely dense signularity where time and space longer exist crushing everything within its event horizon unto complete nothingness, Amen.

Join now to recieve a reminder in non-bean-space-time a decade from now about the glorius and long forgotten days of the Bean memes and the temporally and spacially infinite void which remains and always was at the center of Millenium Park, Chicago.



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