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For me, the High Priestess is more than just a title, it is a calling. I am the Black Witch, the Sorceress. The High Priestess is the guardian of the unconscious. I sit at the gate of the unconscious. The High Priestess is the feminine principle that brings the balance and is the mysterious unknown that women represent. In readings, the High Priestess poses a challenge for you to go deeper, and to look beyond the obvious surface of the situation to what is hidden. I also ask you to realize your potential and to remember the unlimited powers that you hold within yourself. High Priestess is mother tomany, has a very keen discernment, and is able to intuitively and compassionately guide and assist souls on their healing journey with wisdom.The High Priestess is both kind and cruel, wise and unwise. I embrace my darkernature, and understand human emotion and human weakness. The High Priestess is the epitome of Feminine Power. Feminine power is the all-seeing mirror, the Great Universal Healer, the creative source, the open heart. I am provocative.I stir things up and pierces through the shadows to reveal what was hidden. Igive life, and also takes it away when change is necessary and death to the oldis the only option. The High Priestess shines a light upon what is constricted in fear, doubt, guilt and shame. I am equated with personal power, personal responsibility and personal evolution. Feminine power creates waves,earthquakes, volcanoes and whirlwinds. I create beauty and chaos. I don’t vibrate with the consciousness of victim-hood, projections of fear and weakness, manipulation or abuse. That would be outside of the High Priestess element. These are energies that arise through deep fear of what feminine power means and represents. The energy of the High Priestess archetype is omnipotent,all-powerful, loving, deeply healing, free, transformative, sensual, seductive,alluring, wild, uncontainable, limitless, hypnotic, intoxicating, crazy,intense, dominant, cruel, violent and destructive.

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