Community Listening Session - Trans Inclusion at RI Pride

2019-02-28 18:30:00 Started : 288 day(s) 2019-02-28 21:00:00 Started : 288 day(s)

RI Pride, Providence, 1055 Westminster St, RI 02903, United States


Rhode Island Pride will be hosting its first Community Listening Session to hear from transgender and gender-variant members of the LGBTQ community.

This Community Listening Session will be a forum for community members to express their concerns, critiques, and visions of Pride directly to organizers and board members of RI Pride. There will be a moderator (to be announced) to help facilitate the discussion. The session will be hosted at The Colosseum (entrance through patio). Lite refreshments will be provided.

Over many years, Pride marches both in RI and nationally have been subject to widespread criticism within the LGBTQ community for a variety of reasons, and particular concern regarding how transgender and gender-variant members of our community are represented and included within Pride. While we were aware of these criticisms, we recognize little has been done to truly address them.

For the topic of this first session, we hope to hear from transgender and gender-variant members of our broader community about their experiences with Pride. We’d like to hear what you want to see from RI Pride, what bars you from coming to RI Pride, what you enjoy and hope to feel when you are at Pride. We encourage you to come with your most honest thoughts and feelings.

We know that there is much work to do. This session will not solve any or all of the issues brought forth by community members. However, we believe it will provide crucial guidance to improve RI Pride for 2019 and future years so that we can make this celebration as inclusive as possible for all members of our LGBTQ community.



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