# BeTheGeneration

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San Diego LGBT Community Center, San Diego, 3909 Centre St, San Diego 92103, United States


“#BeTheGeneration” is designed to strengthen prevention and education efforts, and increase access and utilization of HIV testing and treatment options. It also aims to help lessen the stigma still too often associated with being HIV positive.

We can #BeTheGeneration that ends HIV/AIDS as an epidemic-level illness in San Diego. We can commit to the strategies that will reduce new cases in San Diego to zero.

We have the tools and resources to see no new cases by 2024 and want you to help us #EndTheEpidemicSanDiego!

Read more in Dr. Delores Jacobs’, CEO of The San Diego LGBT Community Center, note here: http://thecentersd.blogspot.com/2014/08/bethegeneration.html

#BeTheGeneration news release: http://events.thecentersd.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=10581.0

Learn more about HIV preventing and testing resources here: http://www.thecentersd.org/other-resources/hiv-and-std-testing.html

We can do this.
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