Autistic Pride Day 2019

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Fresno, Fresno, Fresno, United States


Let's gather for The Central Valley's / Fresno Autistic Pride Day in 2019!

Haven't done this before so will need your help and volunteers for sure!

This is a day for celebrating Autistic Pride and #LightItUpGold & #REDinstead. Will be looking at our UK siblings and get some pointers.

This will be an all-ages event. Not to say grownups only gatherings can't happen too that evening.

The Pride date is actual right now -- but thinking a weekend day is better to push it too. Maybe something at Woodward park?

Jennifer Marie Davis Eve Reiland -- This is us -- if you want to join the team, please holler. We'll have a meetup/coffee/videochat to talk soon. Pls share with anyone who might be interested.



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