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Last Monday May 23 2011, I had a vision of the world in the year 2300. It appears that I, Raymond Sylvia, willfreeze myself in carbonate and unfreeze in the year 2300 where I will invent the world's first 5-D Movie/Documentary. They will be called Communists short for documentary/movie/commentary. Now in the year 2300, this is not an offensive word because at this time, all communists will have either died or converted to democracy. Now some may say that the Russians will never do that, well in truth, the Russians had a civil war between the democratic believers and the communists...The communists eventually gave up because Russians love thier country and could not fight against their own peoples. Now what had become of China you ask? China was transformed into a giant Hobby Lobby that sells sofas. The reason Hobby Lobby Sells sofas now is because in the 2200s, 90% of Americans signed a petition to say that being lazy and sitting on a couch is considered a hobby, so naturally Hobby Lobby sells them. IF you were to go into the Hobby Lobby you would see tons of sofas and tons of people just sitting in them for days...Most of the employee staff are Chinese, obviously. Now what happened to the Chinese? It's not a big enough country for that? most of them had been forced to move to other places, mostly Australia. 60% of the Chinese were wiped out in a huge war between the Chinese and the Russians while the Russians were trying to convert the Chinese to Democracy. It was called the Russina War. There was also another war. The Fast Food war between McDonalds and Burger King. McDonalds won obviously and stole all of Burger King's formulas for their own. There are still Burger Kings, but only in Madagascar. Strangely enough, Taco Bell had a large increase in sales during the war. Now, back to the movies. The movies are rather interesting. You are in a theatre that brings you back to a moment in the past and you walk amongst the people there, but they cannot see nor touch you, and vice versa, touch wise. Like in Harry Potter when they visit the memories of others. There will also be a man who commentates the historical events with knowledge of what's going on. There will also be movies in 4-D which take people through a person's imagination, much like just being inside a movie. This is about as much as I can remember from that Monday. I will keep everyone updated if I get some memory back.
Also, There will be only one religion in the world, and it will be Muslim. Chistmas becomes Xmas. And...that's all I can get right now....no religous debates please...that technically is the largest religion in the world.
Edit: I forgot this part. So apparently the Wendy's girl was actually a man. And we figure this out because Walt Disney finally gets unfrozen and admits to having relations with her. At the time she was a woman, but it will be revealed by Walt Disney that she/he had a sex change and was originally a man.



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